ROSA – The Danish Rock Council is pleased to announce that Mew will be rounding off this year’s SPOT Festival late Saturday night - or technically speaking Sunday the 12th, since they are going to enter the stage of Ridehuset three quarters of an hour after midnight.

Tina Dico has been released from her international contract with SONY/BMG. She is now speeding up the release of her new album and welcomes her SPOT 11 gig as an opportunity to warm up her new international contacts.

Aarhus-based The Defectors have just returned from a successful mini-tour in France. Among the highlights of the tour was heading the garage rock festival Cosmic Trip. On 11th June, The Defectors will be playing in Ridehuset.

Now the complete programme for this year’s SPOT Festival is in place. The final five names can now be added to the impressive list bands - a total of 104 acts. The five ‘newcomers’ are Figurines, Moi Caprice, Utah, Lux Spencers, and Schack. The seminar programme of the Festival looks promising too – for instance Marstal’s Corner featuring intimate interviews with the people behind the music. This year with a.o. Allan Olsen in the hot seat.

Over the last couple of months, dozens of new acts have been added to the programme of this year’s SPOT Festival. But there are still some goodies left in the bag. Big Danish and Scandinavian stars, but also – as is always the case with SPOT – dynamic prodigies from the lush Danish rock growth layer. And on top of it all, a couple of significant show case stages and a range of fascinating contributions from the periphery of the mainstream.

Rock comes in all shapes and sizes. Some bands feel at home in the garage with the guitar-amplifier on 11 and the distortion pedal working overtime. On the other hand, however, there are bands who cherish gentle acoustic guitars and hushed and sensitive songs. The new list of bands playing on SPOT 11 is further evidence that there is plenty of room for both kinds – as well as all the other kinds, of course.

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